Sterling Guaranty & Finance Limited has 35 years’ experience of financial services in India. Current range of services includes as Legal and investments Advisory, Investment Modeling, Investment Risk Assessment, Security Valuation, Arbitrage Strategy, and Investments. Our services are proprietary and therefore restricted to group companies. These services are rendered in diverse terms and forms to meet the group demands. To keep the industry norms, we have aligned with knowledgeable experts who have years of experience of this realm. The Company has active operation in securities dealing, investments in equities & debt in Arbitrage. Other core business of the Company is dealing in Stressed Assets. This business is presently hampered by lack of Capital. After private placement and infusion of capital (Debt & Equity). The Company proposes to play more active role in the market. Our legal advisory services aim to ensure compliance regulations of MCA/NSE/BSE/SEBI/RBI and Income Tax. Legal Compliance is now viewed as a separate service because of its complexity and increasing proclivities by Regulators. We help interpret and comply with the rules and regulations in order for clients to operate in their chosen sectors. There are many legal areas where we are in a position to provide guidance and/or assistance with interpretation pertaining to Company Law, Income Tax and secretarial matters. With regard to Accounts and statutory disclosures, deadlines and ICAI Standards, Matters affecting share capital and statutory provisions relating to various meetings like AGM, EGM. BoD and Matters related to Ministry of Corporate Affairs & SEBI, Company Law Compliance, SEBI Regulations and Compliance etc the demand is increasing and therefore it’s an opportunity for the company.

Sterling’s Investment products include advice and/or planning based on risk parameters. Our advisory is based on Long-term, responsible and enterprise investing, a rational framework a based on fundamental analysis which take support from Quantitative, Technical, Global and Domestic Macro & Micro Analysis. We do in-depth work on formulating investment strategies, helping customers fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals. This enables them to make proper investment decision. We advise on various kinds of opportunities available in the market.

Sterling has in his team of Directors and employees have more than 50 years’ experience of securities market. Major Equity Securities in Nifty 50/ Sensex are tracked for their price movement, trading data, volatility and related news & events. This enables the Company to Invest in Cash Market, trade in derivatives. Mostly the decision remains on profit side but if it turns out not as per expectations then security is held for delivery and/or traded out or averaged. Experience of the Company has been encouraging. Depending on funds deployed it can generate adequate profitability to service the Capital.

There is new business in horizon in dealing in stressed asset. This landscape in India has come of age and the time is ripe for discerning investors to step in and pick “value" assets. Over the last two years, there has been a remarkable change in the resolution process for non-performing loans (NPLs) on banks’ balance sheets. While India has had a fair share of stressed assets at regular intervals, investors have stayed away from the space in the absence of robust legal, regulatory and resolution frameworks. Lacks of creditor-friendly laws have allowed promoters to exploit the system and banks have continued “ever greening" loans with lax oversight. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and RBI stance have changed the game. It has given stressed asset resolutions a legal structure, well-defined processes, responsibilities and timelines. The initial cases before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) indicate that the authorities are being proactive in ironing out new challenges. We, at Sterling Guaranty & Finance Ltd who was earlier a Category 1 Merchant Bank address the challenge of Stressed Assets Management by making use of our experience and Banking relationships. Our Company has experience of delivering great value for all asset classes which includes unsecured to secured and low ticket to very high ticket size borrowers. We also undertake Asset tracing and field investigations to facilitate the target Assets. Our affiliated consultants trace the stressed assets. To ensure banks and Financial Institutions control over recoveries all negotiations are routed to banks and Financial Institutions for approval through system, monetary collection is executed post valid approval from banks or as per the banks matrix. Sterling sees good future in dealing the buying selling of stressed assets.

Sterling has travelled from Leasing & Hire Purchase NBFC to Category 1 Merchant Bank to Financing of Securities in spot market to Legal and Investment Advisory to dealing in securities Market and Stressed Assets. It has not become a matured SMSE financial service Company. Sterling has created own brand value having in business for 35 years with two public issues. There have been ups and downs of Business Cycle. It had to remain low to recover and repay all Banks & Non-Bank Liabilities. The reputation of Sterling Guaranty as liquid and reliable company has become stronger in the Market. In 34 year span the company had positive Networth for 25 years and had paid dividend in 11 years. With planned infusion of funds Sterling Guaranty & finance Ltd see bright future. As on date the Company has no public deposit and zero public finance.